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Onboarding, Successions and Transitions Coaching

The business environment today is an ever-changing swinging door.  People are coming and going from job to job faster and more frequently than ever before. And this trend costs organizations billions of dollars – a lot more than it should.  Coaching during onboarding and transitions can cut organizational costs way down.  Serious succession planning and coaching for future positions is the best way to insure easy transitions and no interruptions in organizational momentum.  Like any insurance, it has a cost, but the savings realized as a result are well worth the initial investment. 

This type of coaching may include executive coaching, consulting, succession planning, recruitment planning and leadership development. CoachWorks® helps companies look at the organization now, and plan for where they want to be in 3-5 years, or more, then evaluate current skill sets of people and how to utilize these people and recruit others. Does the organization have a leadership team to lead into the future? If not, how do you plan to develop such a team?

CoachWorks® has also developed a specialty coaching niche for privately held or family-owned organizations dealing with succession and transition from one CEO or chief executive officer, to another. Family successions can be especially difficult, involving family dynamics, generational and style differences, and competencies and behaviors. This is especially true when the current CEO or other executive officer has been in place for some time. In family owned businesses, it is often assumed the son or daughter of the CEO will take over the business, but little to no thought is given to preparing these apparent heirs for their new positions. CoachWorks® helps these businesses build a distinction between family relationships and roles within the organization, and to regard such relationships as business partners and team members rather than family members. We facilitate how owners and heirs work together both before and after the succession, and how support team members relate to the successor. Succession coaching may include individual and team assessments and feedback, individual executive coaching (for the current CEO or officer, the successor, and critical team members as needed), whole system coaching, specific and targeted leadership development, facilitation of meetings, honest recommendations and evaluation of performance.