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Whole Systems (Complex) Coaching

Whole Systems Coaching means realizing that no man (or woman!) is an island. One person's leadership affects all other personnel, all other areas. Complex Coaching recognizes, observes and coaches around the various systems of an organization. We recognize that individuals and teams live and work in complex environments. Complex Systems Coaching is attentive to include the politics, teams, customers, all stakeholders and constituents with which a coached individual works. The focus is on the individual, but the coaching is inside the context of multiple systems.


In addition to "complex systems" coaching CoachWorks® can coach across whole systems (multiple individuals). This involves coaching groups to interact better with one another, how to have crucial conversations, and generalized or targeted coaching across functions, departments, and organizational divisions. We may still be coaching an individual or team, but we bring in all the multiple components and systems to use as data points within the coaching. This is similar to a consultant's interpretation of whole systems coaching.


Whole and Complex Systems coaching has become a sort of industry "buzz" word, but before this term was even considered, CoachWorks® operated as a whole systems coaching organization since its founding, with every client. This is a specialty arena for CoachWorks®, whose executive coaches bring decades of experience in this area to every new client.

The chart below details the CoachWorks® International, Inc. systems approach to complex coaching. This chart is useful for determining a coaching plan for individuals or teams. Click here to download this graphic in a pdf file.

 Whole Systems (Complex) Coaching