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5. Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory (LLCI) 360 Feedback Tool Online Assessment Service

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Comprehensive 360 feedback tool for self and 360 assessments.

Online version is easier and more convenient for all participants.

$250.00 per person


A comprehensive 360 feedback tool for self- and 360 assessment, based on the 10 Critical Success Skills for each of the 5 Best Practices. 50 questions are answered by the participant and by selected bosses, peers, direct reports and customers (if applicable). This is a DUAL factor inventory, which means that the raters are asked to rank the person for both PERFORMANCE and EXPECTATIONS of performance. The assessment is taken online. CoachWorks will administer the online 360 program, providing complete instructions, passwords and oversight during the assessment process. After all raters have completed feedback, a complete confidential/security protected report (in electronic PDF format) is generated for the participant with full-color graphs. The report includes helpful information for interpretation and coaching and very detailed tables showing hidden strengths and blind spots.  The system will handle up to 12 raters in each of the 360 categories (boss, peer, direct report, customer) and one self-assessment.

The LLCI 360 Feedback tool, both pre and post assessment, provides a method of determining increased levels of performance in order to track return on investment and commitment to leadership growth.

This 360 assessment service is available for both individual and corporate (facilitated) use.  Individuals may use this service for personal/professional coaching purposes.  Organizations may choose to provide feedback for certain groups of people (teams, leaders, managers, etc.).  This is what is called "facilitated corporate use."  A certified Level 1 user or Level 2/3 facilitator of Legacy Leadership is required to facilitate such a program.  CoachWorks will still administer the program, but results will be sent to the Legacy Leadership facilitator for interpretation, coaching around the results, leadership development, etc.  CoachWorks International can also provide coaching services around the 360 feedback results, as well as leadership development programs for Legacy Leadership.  

The optional group report shows the level of leadership competency for a team.  It serves as a diagnostic if there are gaps in leadership abilities.  It is an invaluable feedback tool for the group as a whole.

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