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Senior Leader Coaching

Leaders must be students of leadership and learn in place. A coached development program provides a process for new learning, behavior change platforms and in-the-moment leadership application. Learning happens by a combination of instruction, coaching, application experiences, then repetition with coach support to insure sustained results. Coaching also helps new leaders confront surprises and crises, and be prepared to master them. Leader development through coaching sets the stage for successful leader tenure, and does not take time away from the job.

The success and sustainability of any leadership development is increased with ongoing and consistent coaching.  Executive coaches serve as catalysts for action and change, and shorten the change curve so that leaders as well as the organization reach vision and goals more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be possible.

This kind of individual and whole systems coaching for senior leaders is great insurance for succession planning.  It is also the best way to groom senior managers to become true leaders.  There is a huge difference between managers and leaders.  Quite often in that proverbial ladder to success, managers have difficulty making the transition from management to the next level, which involves leadership, not just management.  There is an unseen, and sometimes unexpected, brick wall between management and leadership levels.  Show your leaders how to navigate, and your managers how to grow to become leaders.  This kind of executive coaching is a timeless investment in the future of any organization, and its individual leaders.