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CoachWorks® principals are certified to perform the following assessments:

  • Birkman
  • Winslow
  • Strengths Finder
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • DISC

We also have experience delivering feedback and debriefing Lomenger, Firo-B, Tomas-Kilman (T-K), Johari Window, Meyers-Briggs, and 1 PF.

Although thoroughly familiar and experienced with most developed assessment tools, the CoachWorks® principals still prefer to conduct “interview 360s” as their assessment of choice.  These interviews allow us to uncover current behavior themes, and provide the richest source of information for executive coaching.

Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory (LLCI)™

In addition to the assessments above, Coachworks® has developed a comprehensive Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory™, for use both in individual (online or paper) application, and as a full 360 feedback tool, administered and managed completely by CoachWorks®, with feedback provided by sponsoring coaches.   The inventory is available for either a single factor (performance only) assessment, or with dual (performance and expectation) components.  This tool is highly successful in covering most if not all typical competencies for leadership, and is highly adaptable and flexible within organizations for individuals and multiple participants.  This is an ideal instrument for current executive coaches who are working within organizations, or with single individual clients.  For more information, click here. 

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