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  • As CEO or senior leader
    you sit in a different chair
    Your coaching and consulting needs are different
    You need a TRUSTED ADVISOR...
  • Board of Directors need a "change of scenery?"
    Improve team dynamics and change the whole outlook...
  • Senior managers are looking for more...
    Turn today's managers into tomorrow's leaders.
  • Teams need some fine tuning?
    performance and productivity.
  • succession coaching makes all the difference.
    Anyone on the horizon?
Red Chair
C-Level Coaching and Advising

CoachWorks® has earned a reputation for providing premiere executive coaching to the chairman and chief executive officers - those leaders at the highest corporate and organizational levels. At this highest level, it is often "lonely at the top," and CEO’s need a trusted advisor, as well as a skilled and competent executive coach. Read more...

Board Outdoors
Boards of Directors
Board of Directors Coaching and Advising

Boards of Directors often need fine turning and facilitation. It is much like team coaching for the highest team in the organization. Because of often diverse and varied backgrounds, it may be difficult for the Board to uncover problems and correct them. Read more...

Senior Leadership
Senior Leaders
Executive Leaders Coaching

The success and sustainability of any leadership development is increased with ongoing and consistent coaching. Executive coaches serve as catalysts for action and change, and shorten the change curve so that leaders as well as the organization reach vision and goals more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be possible. Read more...

Team Coaching and Advising

Coaching entire teams involves both team and individual development work. Teams can be coached as a whole, in specified or observed areas such as fine tuning of communication, work flow processes, better decision making practices and higher quality work products. Coaching is done both in the team process, and on an individual on-on-one basis. Read more...

Onboarding, Successions and
Transitions Coaching

This may include executive coaching, consulting, succession planning, recruitment planning and leadership development. We help companies look at the organization now, and plan for where they want to be, then evaluate current skill sets and how to utilize these people and recruit others. Read more...

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