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C-Level Executive Coaching and Advising

Yes, we know that senior C-Level leadership sits in a different chair than everyone else.  Your kind of coaching takes on the added dimension of trusted advisor, because you need someone who knows how difficult that chair is – someone who can be a trusted confidant, advisor and experienced “ear.”

CoachWorks® has earned a reputation for providing premiere executive coaching to the chairman and chief executive officers-those leaders at the highest corporate and organizational levels. We have been executives, have experienced many of the issues our clients face, and bring our practical executive leadership experience to the coaching process.

Coaching is grounded in solid leadership development principals, yet very practical and results-oriented. CoachWorks® has an action laboratory methodology, which means the skills and decisions an executive refines and reaches through coaching are applied immediately for behavioral change or strategic implementation. Clients tell us that they often have an immediate application and use for the principles of the coaching they have done with us.

We also coach models that executives can use with others as they lead and coach their teams to sustained performance. Not only do they experience enhanced performance and apply new behaviors and competencies for themselves, but they also gain the insight, understanding and competencies to use with their direct reports and executive teams. When coaching is leveraged in this way, the client company and executive can get two or three times the value of the coaching because they can apply it with others.

CoachWorks® C-Level Coaching is practical, experience based, immediately transferable to real situations, and others can be coached or led to grow from the same principals and work that the executive has experienced.